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Google is smart and therefore your website needs to be smarter. It has to employ certain tactics in order to be recognized by Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big umbrella under which all such tactics to gain recognition by Google come.

Now the most important question is why do you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for your website?

Internet is a jungle, a jungle that is over crowded with websites, blogs, services and so on. You need to stand out in this jungle by putting in some extra work or effort (precisely, by using SEO tactics). People might be looking for the service or product that you provide but when they search for you, they may not find you but your competitors who appear higher on the search result page and thus cannibalize your prospective business. This is the fundamental reason why you need to hire the best SEO company for SEO services in India.

Employing the accurate SEO techniques will enable you to get hold of your target consumer and whenever they input the keywords associated with your business, your website will appear in front of them. It helps your business to generate leads and finally their conversion. It’s a digital world we are living in; what we don’t know, we Google. And therefore you and your website need to be Google-ready.

Investing in SEO for a month or so thinking that it would help is a myth. SEO is not a onetime investment that quickly gives you results; it is a constant process through which you keep fighting for showing up in the first page of Google’s search result. Design Mechanics is the best Search Engine Optimization Agencies in India that offers high quality SEO services in India.

Factors associated with SEO

On Page SEO

On page SEO basically comprises techniques to optimize the content of your web pages to make it search engine friendly. It can be done by using Keyword Optimization, Content optimization, Metatag Creation, Heading Tags, Alt Tags, Sitemaps, Robots.txt etc. It forms the major component of the overall SEO activities for any website.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO comprises activities that you do on the web (other than your own website) to make your website look smart and friendly to various search engines. It can be done by using Article Submissions, Blogs Creation, Press Releases, RSS Feed Submissions, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Classified Ads Submissions, Image Submissions, PDF submission, Doc Sharing and Video optimization etc.

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